Team GO Rocket: Ledtrådar (vad betyder det grunts säger)

Om dom säger…Starkaste typenSvag mot
Coiled and ready to strike!PoisonPsychic & Ground
Normal doesn’t mean weakNormalFighting
ROAR!… how does that sound?DragonDragon, Ice & Fairy
These waters are treacherousWaterElectric & Grass
Don’t tangle with usGrassFire, Bug, Ice, Flying & Poison
Battle against my Flying-type PokémonFlyingRock, Electric & Ice
Do you know how hot Pokémon fire breath can get?FireWater, Rock & Ground
Go, my super bug Pokémon!BugFire, Rock & Flying
You’ll be defeated into the ground!GroundWater, Grass & Ice
Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power?PsychicGhost, Dark & Bug
Let’s rock and roll!RockFighting, Water, Grass, Ground & Steel
Ke… ke… ke… ke… ke… ke…GhostDark & Ghost
This buff physique isn’t just for show!FightingPsychic, Flying & Fairy
Get ready to be shocked!ElectricGround
You’re gonna be frozen in your tracksIceFire, Steel, Rock & Fighting

Wherever there is light, there is also shadowDarkFighting, Bug & Fairy

Check out my cute Pokémon!FairyPoison & Steel
You’re no match for my iron will!SteelFire, Fighting & Ground
– Don’t bother, I’ve already won
– Get ready to be defeated!
– Winning is for winners
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